Artist's Writings*

From the monograph Graham Peacock: A Retrospective, published in 2008, presented here in a PDF format, to provides you with some sense of the book (400 pages, with 500 colour reproductions). More about the book here; you can download an order form here.   

• Beginnings, 1945 - 1969 here
• In Canada, 1969 - 2008 here
• Artistic Development, 1970 - 2008 here
• Thoughts on Painting here
• My Painting Process here
• Thoughts on Sculpture here

Other Writings

• Artist's Statement for the ‘Fields I Figure’  Peter Robinson Gallery Exhibition, April 2018 here
• Artist's Statement for the ‘Topographies - Graham Peacock at 70’  Peter Robinson Gallery Exhibition, February 2016 here
• New New Illusionism (written in conjunction with a solo 2003 exhibition in Toronto at the New New Museum) here
• Thoughts on my Recent Work, October 2003 here
• Pamukkali University, Denizli, Turkey: Lecture Abstract, 2010 here
• Inaugural Triangle Workshop 1982 (comment here)

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