Artist's Statement for the 'Fields I Figure' Peter Robertson Gallery Exhibition
April 2018

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All marks and forms, of any sort, figurate; no matter how seemingly abstract they are, all have associations. While the degree to which this occurs is a matter of definition and individual perception, good art, like love, is felt, or not. No words can explain it, and although they may help 'understanding', the 'real experience' of art can only be had by looking and feeling and trusting in your senses. Perception and taste changes, like anything else, through time and given experience. Knowing though, is an involuntary response, all one has to do is take the time to look and acknowledge what one senses.

My work for this exhibition ranges from 2012 to 2018, and shows my play with 'crazed', allover fields of colour, canvas shapes and forms of figuration. My titles are indicative of the associations I see, and reflect the works temperament and iconographic character. My initial inspirations come from my paint pouring process, allowing me to create crazed fields of colour, which echo earthy formations. I titled my last gallery show 'Topographies', to reflect my works association with the earth and sea. I am inspired by flying, space images, solar panels, fish and underwater coral formations, in fact most natural formations. Such natural forms arise during my fluid painting process and enter my consciousness, and may become the focus of a paintings compositional figuration.

My paintings evolve very slowly, over many months, if not a year or more. I work on several canvases in turn, while in the various stages of pouring, composing unstretched on the wall, and when stretched, tuning to bring out their best. My unique free form pouring process is now being increasingly combined with more pronounced figuration and traditional brush techniques and a return once more to angular shaping.

Now I've said far too much!

I hope you will enjoy looking at the exhibition.

Graham Peacock, February 23, 2018