Artist's Statement for the 'INVENTION ILLUSION' Exhibition
James Rottman Fine Art, Toronto
January 2024

Illusion Within The Frame

Illusion is a centuries old pictorial practice of making the subject look 'realistic' on a flat surface. From Rembrandt portraits to the apples of CÚzanne, illusionistic tradition forms the basis of representational art today. Beginning with the Impressionists and the Fauves, the traditional illusion of realism was diminished. Jackson Pollock's work epitomised the flattening of pictorial depth which exemplifies much of the abstract painting that followed, such as the work of Canadian artist Jack Bush.

Within the Frame reestablishes the modelling and shading of traditional illusionistic space, but in abstraction. The compositions of my paintings of Within the Frame employ strong geometry, high colour contrast, dimensional collage and dramatic shading to further the viewers' experience of a non-existent space. The titles are indicative of the spirit and character of the piece, and are selected only after I have lived with the painting for months.

GP 22 December 2023