Extra Large Retrospective Painted Canvas Collages 2011

The Easter Island Suite is so named for the iconographic quality it invokes for me –the totemic sculptures of Easter Island -  not unlike some of the heads and animal forms found in First Nations totems.

The extra large individual collages are the largest collages I have made and as the titles suggest are indicative of my sensory connection through colour with the nature of things.

In these larger works I have been able to explore larger scale areas of colour, with various forms of paint application, and in some, poured in transparent glazes,  opening up the feeling of space in those paintings.  As in all my canvas collages, I use the pre painted canvas collage as my starting point for the palette of colour, surface and drawing to which I respond.  I add further colour which is suggested to me from those beginnings. The unified feeling and quality of the expression I achieve is fathomed by my judgment (trial and error), based on my experiencing of the work over time.

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