Within the Frame, Suite Two, 2016 - 2017

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This suite of 12 works consists of rectangular framed canvases with collage applications, modifying the frame itself, and the picture plane, setting up spatial ambiguities, which together with the colour and shading of the geometric shapes, create illusions and spatial paradoxes, the character of which suggest the titles.  

The graphic shaping in these works is a reoccurring theme in my work. Something I have referred to as the 'divisional', or 'figure ground', the Matisse or Jack Bush graphic approach to picture making. However the shading and modeling in these works was inspired by the Old and Modern Masters (De Chirico, Hopper, El Greco) and returns to the centuries old practice of light and dark illusionistic modeling.

The 'Within the Frame' Suite Two, works delve wholeheartedly into the possibilities of illusionistic painting by dividing the painting up into opposing geometrical shapes. And by my counterpointing of the colours and the pronounced shading I am able to articulate spatial activity more associated with traditional representation than abstraction. This approach may offer many new possibilities for discovery combined with the crazed fields which are my main focus.