Studio Visits

Studio visits are by appointment: drop ins may be difficult to accommodate if work is in progress that cannot be stopped or interrupted. This is not to say that an impromptu visit cannot be accommodated, just call 780 709 7688. Parking is available.

We welcome individuals and group visits at the end of the day, between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. by prior arrangement for a general experience of the studio inner workings.

Educational visits with short introductions by the artist of his work for students and professionals may be arranged.  

Hosting and receptions, with an  introduction by the artist of his work may also be arranged. Catering of these events can be accommodated for special occasions.

Clients who have works they wish to view with a view to purchase may make an appointment which suits their schedule.  The works they wish to view will be hung ready for their visit. Taking the time to select works from the galleries on this site will aid in this process, especially if the works are large.   They will require time and assistance to unrack and make available for viewing,  especially if  a number of works are to be viewed. The studio houses a  room for the private viewing of work.

Clients having specific location, color or size requirements may wish to have us visit the location and make suggestions of works which we feel might suit.   This, together with delivery and installation, are services which we can provide, making your art selection easier.  Works can be hung on approval or for an agreed rental period prior to sale.

We are periodically  looking for studio assistants to assist in the preparation of work. If you have interest in any of the above please contact us at peacock @