The Summer Suite, 2011

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The 'SummerSuite', 2011, is small suite  of twenty 24x 20"collages 

They are numbered by my choice of order, should they ever be hung together. They are however individual works, resolved as complete stand alone pieces, composed in mid 2011.

My collages are formed by bringing together pieces of previously painted acrylic on canvas with painted colour bands. Each collage develops from my choice of the initial pieces which may have colour and textural associations and resemble forms in nature, especially those of landscape, trees and rock formations. These characteristics are inherent in the paint formations themselves and are cultivated in the topographical way in which I paint (pouring paint flat , allowing and causing, fissures and patterns in the paint to form).  I have used some remnant canvases from the 1970's, 80's and 90's providing me with a large palette from which to compose.  I then paint colours alongside the collage to complete the composition. The range of colour and composition of these pieces is typical of my wide ranging palette and share the same positive spirit of my shaped paintings.