Be assured that should your acquisition need packing we have the experience and expertise to insure your work will arrive in good time and condition. We have shipped to Europe and the USA and within Canada and the studio can ship works worldwide.

We can provide hard sided wooden crates for shipment by sea or rail, or lighter containers suitable for airfreight. Smaller works are sent in a bubble pack cocoon and cardboard pack and are shipped airfreight either overnight or 2 day service.

For larger works within North American we often use art carriers who hand load and cushion the work with blankets, allowing for maximum care with minimal packing and crating. Local deliveries are made by the studio.

The studio will prepare all shipping documents and forward these to the purchaser who is then responsible for all customs duties and brokerage fees, if any. Signed original works of art , which these are, travel tax and duty free under the Harmonizing Code.  Specifics will be provided on purchase, but purchasers are responsible for their own shipments once they leave freight on board, FOB,  Edmonton, Canada.

Depending on the basis of sale, freight and packing can be quoted, or included in the sale price. Insurance can be purchased from the carrier or be provided by the purchaser.  The studio does not cover shipping insurance. If required , independent  professional appraisals can be obtained, on behalf of the purchaser, from local agents here in Edmonton. Details will be provided on request.

If you have any further questions or wish to have an estimate of shipping costs, please email peacock @