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I find the additive and subtractive assembly process that is possible in welded steel sculpture allows me to build spontaneously and discover new forms during the construction process. Unlike painting, which tends to be a cumulative and additive process that rarely allows for undetectable subtraction, sculpture in the constructivist mode grants such a freedom of subtraction, which, as a process working, I find to be potentially revealing.

I would like to make more sculpture. Sculpture allows me to explore a depth of physical dimension that I can only allude to in painting. I find that working with this three-dimensional reality engages my senses and my personal need to make things. I like to garden, landscape, and design and renovate houses, and wanted at one point to be an architect. I make sculpture, as I do painting, for self-revelation, and to satisfy my need to visualize and create. I see in nature a life force that parallels my self-understanding and provides stimulus to the nature of my own invention. I am nature, bound by my culture and human condition, which I express in my art. I hope others will find my work stimulating.