Prices and an availability check of any work can be provided on request.

Not all the works on this site are for sale as many are in public and private collections. While many works do indicate this, inevitably, some in private collections,  may not  be listed. Not all the works in the artists inventory can be seen on this site. If you see a work you like, but it is listed as in a collection, there may be a similar work that is available.  Please inquire.

All works are priced in Canadian Dollars. Prices have been set by commercial gallery sales in Canada, United States, Germany, France, Belgium and the Czech Republic .

Works range in price from $500. for a small paper work, watercolour or miniature collage to $35k for mural scale work.  

Price is also set by  market comparison, the age of a work, the years of storage, the works provenance, (exhibition record), and, as in any business, the cost of labor, material, and studio overhead, involved in completing of the work.

The artist has exclusive representatives  in Toronto and Europe. The artist does not sell to clients of his representatives directly. The studio specializes in gallery consignments and sales, private individual and corporate sales. Rentals and term leases for private or business installations may also be arranged. Commission inquiries are welcome.

The studio offers small works at reasonable prices for beginning collectors and in depth holdings of major canvases for discerning clients. A viewing awaits you: peacock @