Pamukkale Suite, Linoleum Mono Prints

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In the summer of 2010 I was invited to attend the first international artists workshop at Pamukkale University in South Western Turkey, in the city of Denizli, where I made this suite of prints.  I made four plates,  cut from linoleum, and inked each plate uniquely to produce a group of mono prints, singular impressions, from each of the four plates.  

I projected slides of selected early crazed paintings onto sheets of linoleum and selected compositions for printing. The linoleum was then carved out and shaped. The angular linear diamond image are made by overlaying a stencil which was varied in placement with each composition and palette of colour. Each print was made with only one pressing and has a distinct embossed surface. The colour and shaping in these prints is mostly a high contrast palette and follows on from the illusionistic shaping from my paintings of the 1980s.

Plate One is the first and smallest of the four and was taken from a section of the painting Damson from 1982.

Plate Two is next largest and was taken from Black Jack One 1982 and key hole shaped .

Plate Three was taken from the painting Tripoli Blue Oval, 1984, and

Plate Four comes from Birds of a Feather from 1984.

During my time in Turkey I visited Istanbul and many of the small towns surrounding Denizli ( Budan). The area is rich in agriculture, vineyards, rock quarries and textiles, carpets and all forms of weaving. I was stimulated by the colours and character of my surroundings and by the people and art I viewed. This was an incredible experience for which I am very grateful and I would love to return to work in Turkey again.

You can view pictures of the making of the prints here

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