Miniatures Collages, 2014

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In the Miniature Collages of 2014, I continue with my use of a retrospective of previously painted canvas pieces as the inspirational starting point for my colour and composition. I paint colours alongside the chosen canvas strips, which have been positioned and attached, in order to compliment the unique character and unity of each piece. I refer to these collages generally as Retrospective Collages, since some pieces of collage may date from as early as the 1970’s and may contain a historical sampling from a previous work. This assortment of collage allows me to choose of a rich range colour and drawing which is unique to my work.

The colour in these collages, as in much of my collage works, is inspired by Matisse and particularly that of the Canadian painter Jack Bush, but my work generally has a more pronounced tonality. I choose mostly uplifting colours and I respond to the work of the New New Painters, the Fauves and the New York Colour school, and particularly the paintings of Kenneth Noland, Morris Louis, Friedel Dzubas, and the early stain paintings of Jules Olitski, all artists who I much admire.