Retrospective Painted Canvas Collage Miniatures 2011

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These miniature painted canvas collages are 8 x 6 inch canvases. They are the first group of small collages I have made. They combine pre painted off cuts pieces from my larger poured canvases, together with painted colour to complement the colours in the off cut collage.

The off cut pieces of painted canvas are created by my cutting out shapes from recent lengths of painted canvas and from painted canvases from earlier years, as far back as 1976.  The colour, surface and drawing in these off cut pieces, will suggest to me other colours which I paint alongside the collage to enhance the unity and spatial activity between the bands.

I try to make my work uplifting and in my choices I respond to the spirit which the colours suggest. The drawing which is contained in the crazed and poured formations found in the off cut pieces has many associations with forms in nature, partly because the behaviour of the paint is guided by natural forces, and forms itself according to the rheological laws of science, the branch of physics that deals with the deformation and flow of matter. The paint forms naturally  under my intent and I respond intuitively in bringing these forms together, much in the way a jazz musician might interpret notes in soloing.

The Process

First I choose pieces of pre painted canvas which I collage, tack down with staples, on a usually rectangular pre-stretched canvas.

Then I paint  colours which are suggested by the colours in the chosen off cuts until I achieve a resolution between all the bands of colour.

The collage is then glued to the canvas support and held in place again with staples. Once dry the staples are removed and the piece is rehung for viewing and any necessary adjustments are made.

The work is then varnished.  The reverse is primed ready for signing,  before being photographed and framed. The frame is a varnished, gold leaf custom made frame, complete with hooks and wire for hanging.

These miniatures have all the characteristics of the larger collages but on a smaller scale. They are priced at $625.00 retail including frames, FOB Edmonton.