Literature Archive: Newspaper Clippings

The Edmonton Journal, "Abstract look at Canadian Prairies has been feather in Peacock's cap", Nick Lees, January 30, 2009 (read)

Toronto Star, "Painter pours his new illusions on older ones", Peter Goddard, December 13, 2003 (read)

The Edmonton Journal, "Graham Peacock surmounts a decade-old challenge", Gilbert A. Bouchard, January 03, 2003 (read)

Globe and Mail, "Painting a picture of ceasefire between art's warring factions", Blake Gopnik, July 3, 2000 (read)

New York Times, "A Dozen New New Painters and a Sculptor Too", William Zimmer, December 29, 1996 (read)

The Edmonton Journal, "Contemporary artists offer a sensual exercise", Charles Mandel, October 2, 1993 (read)

The Edmonton Journal, "Painter takes industrial approach to art: Reclusive attitudes, palette work, ascetic detachment not exactly Peacock's cup of tea", Elizabeth Beauchamp, March 21, 1992 (read)

The Edmonton Journal, "Bold use of color innovative: Peacock works unusual", Elizabeth Beauchamp, November 19,1988 (read)

The Edmonton Journal, "All done by rake, roller and scraper", Jean Richards,, May 29 1976 (read)

Edmonton Sun, "A Splash: Peacock Brightens his canvas", Judith Kellock, November 1988 or 1989 (read)