The Glitter Paintings 1995-1997

(circular and irregular shaped dimensional acrylic

canvases with glass and glitter pigments)

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During the years 1994, 1995 and 1996, I made many works using glitter. The glitter was usually on the top surface of the paint layer bound in acrylic glaze providing colour and luminosity that was unobtainable with other pigments. The ‘Circularity’ and ‘Glitter’ paintings overlap somewhat as some of the ‘Circularity’ paintings have heavy applications of glitter. Since creating the ‘Circularity’ paintings, a group that were round in shape, I became interested in the effects of reflective colour. In the some of the ‘Glitter’ paintings I added much larger plastic reflectors, plastic and glass beads, as well as lots of coarse glitter. 'Memorabilia' and 'Ruby Queen' (left) are examples of this approach.

These works were shown in 1996 solo exhibitions at the Vanderleelie Gallery in Edmonton and the larger pieces at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria and at the Institute for the Arts in Flint, Michigan, USA.