Curriculum Vitae: Selected Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions

2018 Peter Robertson Gallery, Edmonton, 'Fields I Figure', works from 2012 to 2018,
2017/2018 TREX, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Travelling Exhibition Program,        Graham Peacock 'Collage' regional touring exhibition.
2016 Peter Robertson Gallery, Edmonton, 'Topographies' - Graham Peacock at 70, February 11 - March 01, 2016
2014 Gallery Gevik, Toronto, 'Selected Collages and Paintings' April 12 - 30
2012 The University of Calgary, ‘The India Suite’, painted canvas collages, October 1 - 12, 2012
2008 Gallery One, Toronto, ‘Graham Peacock, Highlights, 1982 -2006’,
a survey exhibition, (Graham Peacock - A Retrospective, BOOK Release)
2005 Art Gallery of Alberta, 'Graham Peacock at 60 - A Retrospective Exhibition 1980 to 2005'
2003 - 2004 The New New Painting Museum, Toronto, 'New New Illusionism, The Recent Paintings of Graham Peacock' (CATALOG)
2002 Vanderleelie Gallery, Edmonton, 'Paris Suite Collages'
2001 Gallery One, Toronto, 'Coeur de Lion', paintings 
1996 The Edmonton Art Gallery, 'Reflective and Refractive Works in Glass'
1995 Vanderleelie Gallery, Edmonton, 'Miniatures in Glass' 
The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, B.C. 'Circularity, the Large Paintings' 
Galerie Dambier Masset, Paris, France, '1982-95 Survey Exhibition'
1994 Vanderleelie Gallery, Edmonton, 'Circularity Paintings' 
The Edmonton Art Gallery, 'Studio Watch Exhibition' 
Fine Arts Building Gallery, University of Alberta, Edmonton,
'Colour and Dimension', exhibition  (CATALOG)
1992 The Works Visual Arts Festivals, Edmonton, and 1987, 87, 88, 89, 90 
1989 Virginia Christopher Galleries, Calgary, Canada
1988/89/91 Gallery on Whyte, Edmonton, Canada
1987 The Edmonton Art Gallery, 'Paint Process and Spirit, 1982-87 Retrospective' (CATALOG)
1986 Waddington Shiell Galleries, Toronto, Canada
Hughes Art Ltd., Victoria, B.C., (CATALOG)
Galerie Don Stewart, Montreal
1983/84 Martin Gerard Gallery, Edmonton
1981/82 Hett Gallery, Edmonton
1979 Glenmore Gallery, Toronto
1977 The Edmonton Art Gallery, 'Fans and Pillars', paintings (CATALOG)
1976 Latitude 53 Gallery, Edmonton, 'Screens' paintings (CATALOG)
1975 Woltjen Udell Gallery, Edmonton
1973/74 Art Circuit, Touring Exhibition, Atlantic Provinces (BROCHURE)
1972 The Edmonton Art Gallery, 'Striations', paintings (CATALOG)
1971 Memorial University, St. John's, Newfoundland, 'Atlantic Provinces Touring Exhibition'
Lefebvre Gallery, Edmonton BROCHURE)
Alberta College Art Gallery, Calgary, Canada 
1969 The British School, Rome, Italy, 'Grid Paintings'

Group Exhibitions

2024 James Rottman Fine Art, Gordon Rayner & Graham Peacock, Invention-Illusion, Toronto, Canada, January 20 to March 10, 2024.
2021/22 The Art Gallery of Alberta, Soak Stripe and Splatter, Collecting Colour at The AGA, September 5, 2021 to January 30, 2022.
2020 Gallery Gevik, Toronto, Canada
2019 Common Sense Gallery, Edmonton, '21st Century Modernism', August 30th to September 13th, 2019.
2018 Galerie d'Art Contemporains, Montreal, 'Salon du Printemps', with Reopelle, Ronald, Iskowitz, Dallaire, Vaillancourt, and 25 more.
2016 Gallery Gevik, Toronto, 'Spring Group Exhibition', May 3rd to 20th, 2016 with Scott Plear, Philip Mix, Charles Robb, Rita Letendre, Alex Janvier and Rick Rivet.
Art Gallery of Alberta,  ' 90 x 90' , Celebrating Art in Alberta (Part One, May 17th to September 14th, 2014), an AGA 90th Anniversary Exhibition. On view painting, 'Starry Night' 1987,  Collection of the Art Gallery of Alberta.
2013 Gallery Gevik, Toronto, October 11 - 31st,  2013 
2012 Art and Space Gallery, 'Eine Gemeinschaftsausstellung', Munich, Germany, the painting 'Tripoli Blue Oval', 13 - 28 July 2012, with Julius Kerscher, Mirjam Appelhof und Alfonso Sicilia Sobrino und Monika Humm, Barbara Bernrieder, Susanne Thiemann, Hans Engels and Hex
Art Gallery of Alberta, 7 Years in the City 1981 to 1987, Works from the Permanent Collection, June 2 - September 30. Guiseppi Albi, Catherine Burgess, Isla Burns, Philip Darrah, Clay Ellis, Gerald Faulder, Douglas Haynes, Peter Hide, Terrence Keller, Ken Macklin, Vesna Makale, Graham Peacock, Al Reynolds, Robert Scott, and Mitchel Smith.
The Flint Institute for the Arts, Flint,  Michigan, USA, Abstract Expressionism, Then and Now. May 5 - August 19 2012 Catalog with Pollock, de Kooning, Krasner, Kline, Gottlieb, Hofmann, Motherwell, Reopelle, Appel, Frankenthaler, Louis, Dzubas, Mitchell, Stamos, Goodnough, Chamberlin, Poons, Drapell, Baker, Piermarini, Brent, Gittins, Lerner, Webster, Minkin and Neal
Art and Space Gallery, 'Eine Gemeinschaftsausstellung', Munich, Germany, the painting 'Cyclone', 16 -31 March 2012
2009 Ewha Gallery, Ewha Womens University, Seoul, South Korea. Blurring Boundaries WAVE Exhibition  II, March 10 – 20, 2009
2008 Fine Arts Building Gallery, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Blurring Boundaries WAVE Exhibition I, December 16, 2008 – January 17, 2009
Art Gallery of Alberta, ‘Seeing Through Modernism, Edmonton 1970 – 1985', March 1, 2008 - May 11, 2008, Caro, Noland, Olitski, Bush, Dzubas, Poons, Perehudolff, Hide, Clarke, Darrah, Haynes Drapell, Burgess, Knowlton, Sylvester, J.B.Taylor, Yates, Cantine, Osborne, Tanabe, Jule, Chenier, Molinari, Bolduc
2007 Salt Lake City Art Center, Main Gallery,  ‘FAB AB New Acrylic Abstraction’ with William Betts (Houston), Joseph Drapell (Toronto), Pruddencio Iraabal (NewYork), Colin C. Smith (Omaha), Susie Rosmarin (New York). Curator Jay Herman    
2005/2006 New New Painting Museum, Toronto, Canada, 'The True Legacy of Colour Field' ; later works of Bush, Noland, Olitski, Baker, Drapell, Peacock, Piermarini, Webster and others. November 5 2005 through February 2006. 
2003/2004 Centre for the Arts, University of Lethbridge, and The Triangle Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 'Absence and Presence', A survey of Abstract Painting in Canada from the 1950's to the 1990's
2003 Appleton Art Museum, Ocala, Florida, USA. 'The Appleton in the 21st Century, Recent Acquisitions' 
2002 National Gallery, Prague, Prague, Czech Republic, 'New New Painters Exhibition', 11 April - September 21, (CATALOG)
Edmonton Art Gallery, ‘The Edmonton Contemporary Artists’ Society, 10th Anniversary Exhibition,’ Curator Kenworth Moffett, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Galerie des Arts Contemporains, Montreal, ‘New New Painting Exhibition,’ Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
2001 Ontario College of Art, Toronto, Canada, 'Triangle Workshop Exhibition', Curated by Ken Carpenter
Museum of New New Painting, Toronto, Canada, 'Ten Years of New New', Inaugural Exhibition
Galerie Anne Lettree, Paris, France, 'New New Painting Exhibition', Curated by Marcel Paquet
2000 Hotel de Ville (City Hall), Gothic Room, City Hall, Brussels, Belgium, 'New New Painting Exhibition' curated by Marcel Paquet
The Edmonton Art Gallery and the Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Alberta College of Art, ‘Alberta Biennial,’ A juried provincial exhibition of 26 Artists, selected by Catherine Crowston and Allan MacKay.
The New York Armory, ‘The Real Avante Guarde,’ New New Painters Exhibition, with Bram Bogart, Baker, Brent, Drapell, Gittins, Lerner, Minkin and Neal. Curator Kenworth W. Moffett.  New York City, U.S.A. (site of the original 1913 Armory exhibition)
1999 Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, CO., 'New New Painters', Curated by Kenworth Moffett
Gilbert Studios Gallery, New York, N.Y., U.S.A., 'New New Painting Exhibition'
Flint Institute for the Arts, Flint, Michigan U.S.A, 'The New New Painters', Curated by Sue Scott, (POSTER & CATALOG)
1998 Miami International Art Fair, Florida, represented by Galerie Piltzer, Paris, France
The Center for the Arts, Vero Beach, Florida, U.S.A., 'New Acrylic Painters', Curator Ellen Fisher
Museum of Moderner Kunst, Siftung Ludwig, Vienna, Austria, 'Contemporary Trends in Painting', at the Vienna International Airport, curated by Director Dr. Lerand Hegyi
1997 Discovery Museum, Bridgeport, Connetcuit, U.S.A. 'Color, Contrast and Cultures', with Albers, Kelly, Natkin, Iskowitzch and Drapell
Museum of Contemporary Art, Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A, 'New New Painting Exhibition'
Greater Victoria Art Gallery, Victoria, B.C. Canada, 'Art in Bloom, Selections from the Permanent Collection' 
Stamford Centre for Performing Arts, Stamford, Conn., U.S.A.,'New New Painting Exhibition' 
1996 Galerie Piltzer, Paris, France 'Exposition d'été', with Louis, Hoffman, Noland, Olitski, Poons, Steiner, Christensen, Caro, Chamberlain, Bogart, Stella and the New New Painting group, (BROCHURE)
Galerie Dambier Masset, Paris, France, 'Exposition d'été'
Fine Art 2000 Stamford, CT, U.S.A, 'New New Painting Exhibition', (CATALOG)
1995 The Edmonton Art Gallery, 'Modes of Abstraction, 1960 to 1990', Hide, Bush, Olitski, Scott and others
Salander O'Reilly Galleries, New York, 'New New Painting Exibition'
Gallery Ism, Seoul, South Korea, 'New New Painting Exhibition', (CATALOG)
Galerie Vecchio 2, Cannes, France, 'Mediterranee Exhibition' 
1994 The Edmonton Art Gallery, Alberta, Canada, 'The Norcen Collection'
Galerie Gerald Piltzer, Porte de Versailles, Paris, France, 'Discouvert '94' 
Grand Palais, Paris, France, F.I.A.C., (Fiore International d'Art Contemporain)
Art New York, U.S.A., 'The New York International Art Fair', Galerie Gerald Piltzer, 
Art Frankfurt, Frankfurt, DM., represented by Galerie Dambier Masset & Galerie Piltzer, 
1993 Stadtische Galerie, Goppingen, Germany, 'New New Painting Exhibition' Sponsored by Mercedes Bentz Corporation, Stuttgart, Germany. [CATALOG]
Salon d'Art Contemporain de Montrouge, Paris, France.
Musee des Beaux Arts, Waterloo, Belgium, 'New New Painting Exhibition'
Musee des Beaux Arts, Charleroi, Belgium, 'New New Painting Exhibition'
Musee d'Art Modern et d'Art Contemporian, Nice, France, 'New New Painting Exhibition'
Museum Moderner Kunst, Stiftung, Ludwig Wien, Austria,
'Konfrontationen Neuerwerbungen 1990-1993' (CATALOG]
Gallery One, Toronto, 'The New Acrylic Painters'
Galerie Tilly Haderek, Stuttgart, Germany, 'New New Painting Exhibition'
The Grande Palais,'Discouvert '93', represented by Galerie Gerald Piltzer, Paris, France.
Chicago Art International, U.S.A. represented by Galerie Piltzer, Paris, with Chagall, Dubuffet, Miro, Nerdrum, Rodin, Lachaise, Caro, Noland, Olitski, Poons, Steiner, Stellar, New New Painting, and the Russian Avant-Garde
Art Cologne, represented by Galerie Tilly Haderek, Stuttgart, Germany.
1992/1993 Galerie Gerald Piltzer, Champs Elysees, Paris, France, 
'Inaugural New New Painting Exhibition' [NEW NEW PAINTING BOOK]
1991/1992 Galerie Dambier-Massett, Rue des Beaux Arts, Paris, France, 'New New Painting Exhibition'
1991/1992 Hunter College Art Gallery, New York, 'Physicality', Touring Exhibition, 7 galleries, 33 artists, including Robert Goodnough, Linda Benglis, Sam Gilliam and Jack Youngerman
1991 The Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 'Art Amaze', curated by Kenworth Moffett
The Edmonton Art Gallery, 'Alberta Society of Artists. 60th Anniversary Exhibition', curator Mark Joslin
The Barbara Greene Gallery, Miami, Florida, 'New Colour', Peacock, Piermarini, Lerner and Webster
Gallery Camino Real, Boca Raton, Florida, 'The Big Picture', with Drapell, Piermarini, Webster, Brent and Lerner
Centre for the Arts, Vero Beach, Florida, 'The New Acrylic Painters', Selections from the 'Moffett Collection', curated by John Henry
1990/1991 Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 'New Acrylic Abstractions',  'Selections from the Moffett Collection', with Piermarini, Gittins, Webster, Drapell, Lerner, Brent, Fauteaux, Poons, Noland and Olitski
1990 The Atwood Gallery, Worcester, Mass., 'New New Painting Exhibition', 
with John Gittins and Bruce Piermarini, (FIRST NEW NEW PAINTING EXHIBITION & CATALOG)
Stamford Festival of the Arts, Conn., U.S.A., 'First Prize, Painting', Juror Professor Halasz, Bethany College.
1989/90 The Fine Arts Building Gallery, Edmonton, Canada. Outside New York exhibition catalog, The Visual Arts Festival,
1989 Triangle Gallery, Calgary, 'First Impressions,Alberta Art Foundation Acquisitions'
The Edmonton Art Gallery, Canada, 'Alberta Drawings and Aspects of Contemporary Art'
1987/88 The Edmonton Art Gallery, Canada, 'Recent Acquisitions' 
1987 Virginia Christopher Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 'Three Abstract Painters', Doug Haynes , John Griefen and Graham Peacock
1986/87 The Edmonton Law Courts, 'Sculpture by Invitation' at
'The Works Festival', curated by The Edmonton Art Gallery  
1986 Universite du Quebec a Montreal'Exposition de l'association des Galeries d'art Contemporain', represented by Galerie Don Stewart, Montreal, Canada
The Edmonton Art Gallery, 'Selections from the E.A.G. Collection of Contemporary and Historical Painting', 'Abstract Painting in Edmonton', 'Selections from the Comino Foundation, Liechtenstein', and 'Big and Small' exhibitions
1985 Wade Fine Art, Los Angeles, 'Gallery Artists Exhibition' 
National Arts Centre, Ottawa
Gallerie Don Stewart, Montreal, 'Gallery Artists Exhibition'
1984 Waddington Shiell Galleries, Toronto, 'By Invitation' exhibition
1982 Triangle Workshop, Mashomac, New York , 'Inaugural Workshop Exhibition'
1979 The Alberta Art Foundation, 'Japanese Touring Exhibition of Alberta Art', in  Sapporo, Obihiro, Tokyo, Hakone Kyoto and Yokohama, 'XI Commonwealth Games Commemorative Exhibition' (CATALOG)
1977 Glenbow Alberta Institute, Calgary, 'Alberta Art Foundation Selection' (CATALOG)
1976 The National Gallery, Ottawa, Canada, 'Abstraction West, Emma Lake and After' curated by Terry Fenton
1974 The Winnipeg Art Gallery, The Edmonton Art Gallery and The Art Gallery of Ontario,  'Canada x Ten', curated by Karen Wilkin, (CATALOG)
1973 The Edmonton Art Gallery, Canada, 'Alberta 73', Juror Micheal Steiner', co-sponsored by, 'The Alberta Society of Artists' (CATALOG)
Saidye Bronfman Centre, Montreal, 'Prairies 74, Western Canadian Paintings', curated by Terry Fenton' (CATALOG)
1971 Everyman Gallery, New York with John Hoyland, John Walker and Richard Smith
1970 The Edmonton Art Gallery, Canada, 'All Alberta', Juror Pierre Theberge, curator National Gallery of Canada. (CATALOG)
British Council, Rome, Italy, 'British Award Winners'
1967 The Midland Group Gallery, Nottingham, England, 'Gallery Artists' Exhibition'
Leeds City Art Gallery, Leeds, England