The Circularity Paintings 1993 - 1997

(circular shaped dimensional acrylic canvases)

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By 1994, I decreased the complexity of the outside shapes, preferring a circular motif. I was becoming more interested in the internal paint movements and marbleization of the colours. I also began to introduce reflectors and beads as a way to add light and detail. The ‘Circularity’ works are titled to reflect a move away from the metamorphic shapes of the previous three years and to reflect the move towards a circular emphasis and simplification of the outside shape.

Metallic pigments, iridescent and interferent colours had become an established part of my colour range, starting in the 1970s but especially since the ‘Rocaille Suite’ of paper works and the ‘Slab’ rectangular pictures of 1997. In the ‘Circularity’ and ‘Glitter’ paintings the use of these colours and introduction for the first time of reflectors and beads becomes pronounced.

I found that by using these metallic colours I needed a higher pitch of colour than white, I needed to go beyond pure white for something that appeared even lighter. Metallic reflection provided such light and led me to using plastic discs, glitter, and plastic beads, essentially larger particles of pigment than those found in metallic paint. I also liked the associative and decorative qualities these new colours and forms offered. In the ‘Circularity’ and ‘Glitter’ paintings, the use of these colours shows the results of a move towards a circular emphasis and optical pigmentation