The Easter Island Suite

The Easter Island Suite consists of six 60 x 48 inch, painted canvas collages. 

They are collaged with some areas of pre-painted canvas glued with gel medium onto canvas-covered wooden panels. There are painted bands of colour added alongside the collage to complement and resolve the works. They are acrylics coated with gloss medium and finished with a removable final varnish.

The pre-painted canvas used as the starting point was a 25' length from 2002, in which I had formed large puddles of black over a transparent red. It was set aside and was never completed or stretched as paintings. Much later, these shapes became the focal images for a new group of extra large collages.

The pronounced shapes gave a thematic character for me to work into these works and evoked the totemic images. I titled the pieces after the Easter Island sculptures, which for me have some of the same characteristics.

They are numbered in my preferred hanging order: they are individual works but are best viewed as a related group, as installed at Amec Place.

We have prepared a slide show of the installation at AMEC Place; click to view the Easter Island gallery.